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New Ways of Working – Touchdown Areas

Touchdown Areas Explained

What is a Touchdown Area

A Touchdown Area is arguably one of the most important areas in a business environment and is an integral part of implementing a successful agile working environment.

A touchdown area is essentially an informal work area designed to enable team members or visitors to perform short duration tasks without taking up a standard workstation position. In an Agile Working design they are also vital in providing overflow work spaces on those rare occasions that everyone is in the office at once.

There isn’t a standard set up or design for a Touchdown Area. There are many variations that can be used from a poseur table with high stools to bespoke meeting pods such as our Hive, as long as it serves the purpose it’s meant for it is truly down to personal preference and the design of your workplace.

The Hive Spectrum Workplace

When would you use a Touchdown Area

You may be a field sales person or consultant who only comes into the office once or twice a week and when in spends the majority of the time in meetings or catching up on projects or reports. Hence there is no need for a full-size permanent workstation to be allocated to you but you do need somewhere to touchdown with your laptop or tablet to catch up with emails for 20 minutes. You will need network connection either wired or wireless and ideally access to a charging point for your device – but not much else other than a work surface and something to perch on.

With the rise of mobile technology the way we work is drastically changing, with staff now able to use a few spare minutes productively that would otherwise have been wasted.

The Touchdown Area is often just a high work surface with bar stools and they can also turn into a useful informal meeting area if necessary. Care is needed that the touchdown area’s main purpose is not compromised as it may be distracting for persons wanting to us it as a private work space if a noisy meeting is proceeding next to them!

Touchdown Booth

Benefits of a Touchdown Area

There are many benefits that come with Touchdown Areas, many of which we have already touched on.

They provide additional overflow workstations to accommodate exceptional occupancy levels

They provide useful work areas for short-duration tasks enabling staff to productively use any spare time available between meetings.

They can provide a quieter work setting for team members to use if they main open plan space is too distracting for intensive tasks.

Although not their main function touchdown areas can also be used for quick informal meetings.

In short Touchdown Areas are a great utility to aid your business in boosting productivity.

In Summary

If you and your organisation are looking to embrace New Ways of Working practices, then Touchdown areas are a must have. By introducing Touchdown Areas you will create a much more welcoming workplace and reduce time wasted between meetings or spent looking for somewhere to plug in your mobile device and will ultimately help towards increasing your businesses productivity.