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TOOtheLOUNGE is an innovative concept that combines informal meeting space with an individually adjustable workstation for a touchdown space or a variety of other agile working applications. It brings a new level of flexibility to your office as the comfort and lumbar support that’s built in to the seat allows a user to work in comfort, and the adjustable workstation can be positioned at the exact height for the user. However, the beauty of the TOOtheLOUNGE is that the same adjustable workstation can be pulled back to quickly create a quick informal meeting area.

hi Product


The TOOaPICNIC range is another innovative solution to the need for quick meetings, whether that be in the lobby of a hotel or amongst the hubbub of the modern office. The seating units unique design allows the user a variety of choice, it can be used individually with the workstation supporting a laptop or tablet and the within the office