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TOOtheLOUNGE Agilita UK hi Product


TOOtheLOUNGE is an innovative concept that combines informal meeting space with an individually adjustable workstation for a touchdown space or a variety of other agile working applications. It brings a new level of flexibility to your office as the comfort and lumbar support that’s built in to the seat allows a user to work in

TOOaPICNIC Agilita UK hi Product


The TOOaPICNIC range is another innovative solution to the need for quick meetings, whether that be in the lobby of a hotel or amongst the hubbub of the modern office. The seating units unique design allows the user a variety of choice, it can be used individually with the workstation supporting a laptop or tablet

Blog Entry

7 Common Myths about Agile Working

There are many common misconceptions and myths regarding Agile Working Practices (also known as Flexible Working, Smart Working and a number of other names.) Here are a few of the common ones;   Agile Working is New Agile Working is not new. Global accountancy giant Ernst & Young are recognised as the pioneers of Agile

In order to innovate, one must be surrounded by innovation