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Agilita at the Workspace Design Show 2023

Agilita were proud to support the Workspace Design Show 2023 which was held at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London on the 27th and 28th of February.

March 03, 2023

The Workspace Design Show brings together the UK’s leading workplace interiors community to explore and experience the new world’s workspaces.

Agilita were proud to be launching a completely new range of sustainable workspace furniture products from Vank.

We were also proud to sponsor the conference area for the FIS (Finishes & Interiors Sector).

WDS Vank By Agilita Stand


The Workspace Design Show saw the UK launch of our new line of furniture from VANK Interior Objects. Vank is a Polish team of designers, engineers and product specialists who feel responsible for their designs and fight for an environment free of toxins and pollution. This is what attracted us to their brand when we first met them back in October at Orgatec, Germany.

Agilita Bio Box Acoustic Pod In Bio Light With Co Stools

BIO Materials

The materials used by VANK in their Bio-Panels are all 100% natural and are sustainably sourced making them carbon neutral and therefore having an honest background story. The natural materials are used to finish acoustic wall panels, desks, cabinets, and pods. We launched a number of VANK pieces at our stand at the Workspace Design Show- the acoustic wall panels were especially popular. The panels are made from fibrous plants including flax and hemp. They can also be made from recycled PET. The materials used in the panels offers excellent insulation and sound absorption.

Bio Panel Light And Dark In Field Lo

Ring Seating

Another hugely popular product on our stand was the Ring chair from VANK. The chairs cushions are made of industrial waste foam which would otherwise have gone to landfill. The distinctive upholstery has a ruched detail which some said could represent the ripples of water or the ocean, linking in perfectly with the theme of wellbeing. In a nutshell, the products proved to be so popular because not only do they have a fantastic sustainability story they are also aesthetically pleasing on the eye. The Ring seating range is very versatile with a wide range of options from relaxed easy chairs to high sofas and barstools.

The Ring Seating By Vank With Agilita UK (2)

FIS Conference Area

We were pleased to be able to showcase a good selection of products in furnishing the conference area for the FIS (Finishes & Interiors Sector). There was a full program of informative talks throughout both days and all were very well attended. At one end of the area we created a work lounge which provided an area for touchdown, quick informal meetings and relaxation.

From the TOOtheZOO product range we were able to use the room-dividing products Chat, Relax and Stand, and also the Hide, Slim and Slim Plus products. 

We were also able to show our Colab Work table which is ideal for coworking spaces and combines biophilic elements with charging points - both wired and wireless. The Colab Work was very popular and was used throughout both days by speakers and visitors to catch up with emails etc. 

The conference area was also supported by Humanscale and Weisner Hager who both provided conference chairs.

FIS Conference Area Agilita Coworking Space


Overall we had a great time at the Workspace Design Show and feel that this event has firmly established itself on the commercial design calendar for the UK. We look forward to next years event.

Agilita Relax And Chat Room Dividing Units
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